The Think Big Revolution

Even the smallest change can be Revolutionary. What do you want to think big about?

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To be honest, right now I'm thinking about as big as I can. I have attention on the planet, the country, my friends, family, clients, and associates, and am always engaged in thinking about how to live and interact authentically. I believe that authenticity is empowering, even when (or perhaps especially when) that authenticity is uncomforable for me and other. Discomfort is usually a sign that growth is taking place!!!

Thinking real big today doesn't mean I can't think bigger. Since I committed to thinking big many years ago, I've acquired the habit of pushing envelopes, not being satisfied with today's results, seeking big thinkers to play with. And what a great ride!!!!
I'd like to be on that bus!
I could have sworn I saw you driving it!! Laugh!!! And I know I can count on you to point out when I'm not thinking as big as I could be!!!
Trish, I'm on that bus too! If and when you want to collaborate I'd be game. Right now I am looking to surround myself with people who are enthusiastically making a difference and looking to expand that influence by partnering with another BIG thinker.
I believe we can think even bigger when we borrow the wisdom of others and use their willingly offered resources to reach more people. In synergy and authenticity I believe all things can be accomplished easily.
Timely finding this site (Thanks for twittering it Trish!): I am in the midst of a big thinking transition. I am thinking bigger about myself personally, professionally, and socially. In the midst of the supposed economic issues, I've cashed out my IRA, gave notice at work, and about to begin on the journey of being out on my own with my own company!

Life is too short to be working a job that is not inspiring, that is not making a difference. Life is too short to not enjoy the time and work you are doing!
My bad! I Twittered out of excitement and prematurely! Sometimes my enthusiasm bubbles over and causes trouble! But I'm glad you are here Scott...sounds like this is exactly where you need to be! And no more Twittering on this till I know it's time!!!
Scott - Congratulations and you will do great. Despite the economic conditions, staying focused, staying on purpose and staying passionate will create your success. Embrace the challenges and success that come with entrepreneurship and always throw in a bit of humor also. helps during the start up phase when we all learn exactly what we "didn't know that we didn't know!".
I agree with Scott!! Congratulations on your new journey!!

I too have been thinking bigger about myself personally, professionally and socially. Cutting out all of the negativity that I hear on the news, staying focused on my goals and dreams.

I am so excited that Michael created this area for all of us and to be in an environment of like minded people!!!
Congratulation Scott! It's wonderful that you are following you heart and pursuing what you are passionate about. Life will never be the same again. Enjoy the ride.
I want to be certain that I don't slow down as I age. To sit here at 76 and say I'm going for 114 because I have too many fun things to do and anything less than that is not enough time already puts me out on a limb by myself. I really want to see people be joyfully productive to the very end and then just leave the planet with no illness and no decline. My life is so full of richness and excitement over what I get to do next that I can hardly wait for each day to begin.

I don't know where or if I am to be in service around this area other than by example. But I really, really wish that everyone could find their passion and express it in a way that helped them touch hearts all over the world. What a world we would live in then!!!!

Thinking big....

Cara - you are absolutely amazing. As I told you when we were together in Philadelphia - you are an inspiration for me as I become a tad older chronologically and much wiser with experience. Your presence does indeed serve to change at least one person's way of thinking (mine) about aging, maturity, and how wonderful life is when one is joyfully productive until at least 114. You are absolutely a shining life about what can be.
:-O 76 ? You look awesome Cara!! You are a great example how I want to live out my life.

You go girl!!


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