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Dear Think Big Revolutionaries,

I love that you are using this forum. I love that you want to connect. But...This site is not for pushing your product, your event, your workshop, your book, your audio, your teleclass. It is not a place to sell. It is a place to dream, expand your thinking, share differences of opinion, philosophies on life, book reviews etc. To sell and push your "stuff" on this site is the exact opposite of thinking big, it's thinking small. It's old thinking - if you have read any of Michael's work, then you know this. It's time to put the old marketing paradigm to rest. Say no to the hard-sell. Say YES to big, thought provoking conversations!

rant over....
Cindy E

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Thanks Cindy - I have been following some of the threads and agree 100%. We can all do so much more if we connect, share, expand our thoughts, dreams and ideas. THAT for me is what this site is all about. The rest will follow - it always does.

Discussing big thoughts is wonderful, but it's smart-sounding drivel until we put it into practice. Marketing is thinking in practice. What if marketing could be BIG thinking in practice? Some people's products are a positive force in the universe. Marketing is how they share their dreams and purposes. Who are we to quash missions in the name of our own definitions of big and small? Size is relative: a crumb may be small to us, but an ant can stand in its shadow...

I'm right there with you. No selling. I suspect that the members who hideously abuse the space to are very self-aware of what they're doing.
Wow,you have to tell people this?
I agree with you, but perhaps that is because my interests are not in selling products, but in helping others and in developing community.
But I have this lovely piece of swampland in Florida I need to sell!!!
I've just joined this group, and after some of the things I've read on the site, I was about to close the browser and walk away.

Then I read this post.

I think I'll stay a little longer...

Thank you

I agree 100%. This site is NOT for "recruiting" new customers!!! We can "talk" and "share" our ideas, but NOT try to sell anything to anybody!!!
Good observation Cindy. So the challenge is to do what you've just done by your post: to initiate discussions outside the stale old sales pitch mentality. The core source of "marketing" is a passionate idea to affect a positive outcome for others. That core idea sustains the vision and energy needed to stay in the game day after day.
I agree with you Cindy - I just joined and am still trying to figure out whether this is just a spam site, or a deserted town - its soo quiet - what happened?
James St. James
I'm not sure why it's so quiet. I think the concept of thinking big is profound, yet getting people to actually think outside the box is difficult. People are still so ingrained in the old way of doing business and not used to conversational social media. I am one of Michael's Book Yourself Solid coaches and was hoping that this place would be more active.
So Cindy and James, what is the proposed solution? Is Facebook sucking up all the available oxygen? Should we just form our associations/synergy/ideas via Michael's FB page? BTW, I will look both of you up on FB, and invite you do the same with me, and we may yet create or participate in a forum.


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