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Attached is a thought you might use. I have already got 15 people signed up for my opening in one week, and they are all excited about a new way to network. I found a newly opened coffee house and asked what its slowest day was. Then scheduled so as to help him, provide a venue and plenty of time to network as well as teach the BYS system as a FREE get-to-know-me strategy. Think BIG. Sometimes a new idea does blossom quickly!

Jan Leaton
Certified Michael Port Coach

Jan Leaton, The"Re-Sorceress"

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Hello I checked out your website. Has some good stuff. Maybe you would like to share in the SPEAKING revolution.
Who cant benefit from better presentation skills?

Funny two months ago I see Certified Michael Port Coach and I think yeah whatever, just another bogus marketing scheme.
Now I realize it to be an infallible system if applied properly.

I wasnt able to connect to link for MagicMM document and cannot use word right now. I love seeing ideas from big thinkers.
Can you provide me a link?


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