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The Great Teenage Myth

We have a major crisis in our world, OUR young people are in danger! Most young people are living and perpetuating The Great Teenage Myth - and is must be shattered!

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There is a Great Teenage Myth alive in this world! This Myth is alive in the hearts and minds of many preteens and teens walking around this planet. Although most myths are harmless, this one is destructive. When one believes and lives the Myth (and most are unaware that they believe and live the Myth) it keeps one from experiencing and having in their life - True Freedom, True Independence, True Personal Power.

Young people are not only living The Great Teenage Myth, they are perpetuating it each and every day, keeping its destructive power alive by sharing it with their friends and classmates.

Here are two Key Points to consider:

Key Point #1: The whole idea of “play” as teenagers’ experience it today is a relatively new concept.

Key Point #2 Before 1940, just over 65 years ago, there was technically no such thing as a teenager.

Only if you are willing to understand and shatter The Great Teenage Myth will you have given yourself the opportunity to experience and live what you truly desire and need in your life: Real Freedom, Real Independence, and Real Personal Power!!


What others are saying about The Greatest Teenage Myth:

"The Great Teenage Myth has excelled me onto a path of opportunity that I never thought I could reach." - Witt Coley - age 16


"Twenty Years of Operating the Free Enterprise Accelerated Systems Training retreats or FEAST for teenagers world wide, I have never seen something so important as The Great Teenage Myth by Joe Gandolfo. Every parent and teacher must make the MYTH required reading for Millennial Teens moving into their destiny as an urgency." - Berny Dohrmann - Chairman


The teenage years can be a turbulent time for a young person as you solidify your personality, ambition, and life goals. Gandolfo has taken a brilliant look at how teenagers can attain their dreams by overcoming the myths that are often applied to their age group.

I have witnessed magnificent transitions of thousands of our students at High Point University where I serve as president. I teach a required course to all freshmen and seniors on life skills and developing positive life habits. When students submit their personal essays throughout the course of the semester, I have realized that young people are far more brilliant than they receive credit for by the world.

Gandolfo’s book is a must for understanding how to reach your goals efficiently and impress the world with your talents. Study this book and benefit from the expertise and experience he outlines. Apply relevant concepts to your life, and prepare your mind for what lies ahead.

Nido Qubein
President, High Point University
Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Company

Joe Gandolfo – Teenage Life and Parenting Philosopher, Professional Speaker, Author, Visionary, Motivational Counselor, Trainer and Consultant.

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