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Who's Ready For The Year 2011?



    2011 is going to be an awesome year for all of us. Much more awesome than the year 2010. We want to start the new year off with a bang, and end the new year with a much bigger bang. This is the year (2011) that we want to increase our value we deliver. The value we deliver determines our skill level, and our job performance. I'm not talking about the amount of money we get paid for the work we do- although you acknowlege it, and show gratitude for it, I'm talking about…


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From Ann Tomalavage In Philadelphia


Thank you so much for having us meditate for an hour.  You were very wise to have us do this.  At first, it was difficult for me to stop my "monkey mind", but I used a combination of transcendental meditation, Silva Method, and Thich Nhat Hanh ("Breathing in, I am breathing in.  Breathing out, I smile.") to quell my monkey.  I also visualized a monkey meditating, but he just kept jumping up and down like Tarzan's monkey Cheetah.  Finally, I visualized my sock monkey.  He's…


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The Valid Reason(s) that Keeps us Stuck!

At some point or another, some of us were, or are still stuck doing the same old thing over and over, time and time again.


We knew or still know, that things must change, but when we put ourselves under the gun of change, growth and expansion, all of a sudden some great and very valid reason just pops out of the blue, sending all sorts…


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Dec. 28, 1010: Today's Think Big Revolution Member Meeting - Hensei

With the new year coming comes new opportunities for doing big things in the world. Whether that's getting booked solid or getting beyond booked solid or getting healthier or happier or more open to romance. Or something else altogether.

Today's Think Big Revolution Member Meeting will be held in silence. No number to call in.

Just sit comfortably. Away from any distractions. That includes, but is not limited to: - Computer - Phone - Television…

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Happy Big New Year

Hello All -  I'm new here (first post) and am delighted to be joining the Think Big revolution.   Found Michael serendipitously and had an "a-ha!" moment... perfect.  BYS and the Manifesto shipped to me today so excited to be reading those and practicing the principles in the new year.


I'm a business consultant for a F100 NY-based company and look forward to my inner revolution and the outer results!


All the best and happy new year!


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Bigger or Smaller?

The following is from Seth Godin's blog today. 




Bigger or Smaller? 

Every decision we make, every encounter we have... we get a choice.


Are we opening doors or closing them?


It's so tempting to shut people down, to limit the upside, to ostracize, select and demonize. It makes things a lot…


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Spyware away

Wehave our own personal computer at home. Each of different brands and models. But what makes sense in comparing the performance of a computer from one to another? This is what I found when I bump into Speedypc. It helps my computer's performance a lot better than the usual. One common problem I have encounter is how to make spyware away.

Spyware is a kind of malware that gathers details about the…


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Revenue Model: The Rule of 10

Revenue Model: The Rule of 10

I discovered this sort of by accident. And it's just one idea. It follows the old addage that "if you shoot for the stars, you don't know if you'll make it, but you might end up on the moon". What happened with me is I was working on a new business. I had done some revenue models for it. I figured out that the business could potentially make an awful lot of money if I worked hard at it. Later as I got into it more I realized that those original…


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Michael Port Interviews Tim Ferriss on The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman

In 2008, Tim Ferriss came out of nowhere with The 4-Hour Workweek and became the bestselling business author of the year with a long run on top of The New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

He also made a lot of friends in the process (just one of the many keys to his success). Yours truly included.



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Viable visionaries and profitable powerhouses: how a good artist can save your business.

Artists are great problem solvers.

Artists are great planners.

Artists are great at analyzing, budgeting and forming strategies.

A good artist can milk water from a stone, and make it look easy.

Artists are trained professionals.

Artists are entrepreneurs.

Every board of directors should have an artist as part of its management team.

Are North American's ready to embrace these facts?

Or are these still highly controversial concepts?



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