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cultivate a positive attitude

. Would you agree with us that the attitude of each entrepreneur in front of this economic crisis has made a difference?.

Some of my friends have been mortgage brokers and real estate agents for years.  When the crisis started many of them lost their businesses or jobs and saw themselves facing difficulties which filled their hearts with pessimism. They remained unemployed for a long period of time or they were trying to continue doing the same activity with very little…


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The cure for procrastination


The most important key to overcoming procrastination is to develop a natural sense of urgency for everything you do at work. If you consistently apply self-programming and organizational principles like the ones recommended in my book, you will become aware of what you need to do to succeed in achieving your goals, and what tools can help you obtain leverage consistently.

However, you will still need to be creative and…


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I Wish I had More Hours in the Day

If you haven’t found yourself utter the phrase “I wish I had more hours in the day” before, I bet you’ve at least heard someone else say it. If you had more time, I bet you could clean the garage and the bathroom, launch the business you’ve been dreaming about, and maybe, if there’s a small amount of time left in the evening, find a solution for world hunger.

I’d like to be bold and propose an easy solution.

If you spend 3 hours per day watching TV (the average American… Continue

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Multi-tasking or multi-time taking...

I just read an article by Joel Spolsky on multi-tasking and computers. He really opened my eyes to the downside of the law of exponential growth.

For years, yes years, I thought I was getting more done by doing multiple things at once. Seems efficient, right. WRONG! It really does take more time to do multiple tasks then to do one task at a time.

Now, Joel is a computer guy—develops software. He has a great analogy that even a non-computer person can relate to, so I will… Continue

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