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3 Reasons to Say Yes to Everything

It is relatively easy to say Yes to the things we like and love. Pert-near anyone would say YES to ice cream or a cuddly puppy or kitten. However, how often do you say NO to something when you could have said YES and created for yourself a whole new experience of life?

Mother always told us to just say NO; say NO to drugs, say NO to sex, say NO to rock and roll, say NO to chocolate. Drugs and sex I can understand but rock and roll and chocolate never!

The point is if we want to think bigger; expand our belief systems and increase our sphere of influence we must re-examine the impulse to immediately say NO before we explore the endless possibilities that lie within.

Here are 3 reasons to say YES to Everything!

1. By saying YES to a fearful situation (in other words objectively accepting the situation for what it is) it begins to loosen the gripping energy of fear and dread it has over you. You do not have to accept the behavior or condone the results. You will not become a doormat or be less empowered. Quite the contrary you will increase your ability to work with people on an even playing field and have the capacity to influence the situation in a positive way.

2. An outstanding leadership quality is being able to recognize possibility in any circumstance or incident. As you learn to say YES to everything you began to see the unlimited possibilities in lurching around every corner. This will help you become not only the leader of your life but will with out doubt help you to lead other more effectively.

3. An incredible calmness, peace of mind and an inner personal happiness can be yours when you decide to Say YES to everything. You no longer strongly or wrongly judge others for their behavior but embrace with confidence whatever is wrong or out of balance with the knowledge that you can take the appropriate actions to right it.

I know this is a controversial approach to leadership and taking charge of one’s life. It takes a different set of skills to step back and stop blaming or feeling sorry for yourself or someone else; long enough to examine the situation objectively as if you were observing a play, with you in the star role. When you do try this new approach you will find your life changing drastically and pleasantly.

Thank you, Judy Pearson

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Comment by Judy Pearson on April 8, 2009 at 12:27pm
Hi Marian,

You are right on about saying Yes. I like your approach with improv. I've done some myself and find it so freeing. To my estimation saying Yes to everything gives you really empowerment. When you no longer believe that something is bad or good but just IS you begin to have a different perspective of your life and the lives of others.
Comment by Marian Way on April 8, 2009 at 6:00am
Hi Judy,

This reminds me of improvisation (I've done a couple of courses)... the whole idea of impro is saying 'yes' to every offer, and on stage, as in life, it can take you to new and different places.

It's also an aspect of the work I do, where everything in a person's 'landscape' - good or bad - is acknowledged and honoured. This is done by using their words and joining them in with questions using the word 'and'... and, as you say, this can create deep and lasting change.

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