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. Would you agree with us that the attitude of each entrepreneur in front of this economic crisis has made a difference?.

Some of my friends have been mortgage brokers and real estate agents for years.  When the crisis started many of them lost their businesses or jobs and saw themselves facing difficulties which filled their hearts with pessimism. They remained unemployed for a long period of time or they were trying to continue doing the same activity with very little success.

However one of them saw the crisis as an opportunity to change. He took advantage of the base of clients he had built in his community and partnered with the local business association to promote the services of restaurants, clubs and art galleries. Then he encouraged his former customers to participate in networking events and social functions that could benefit his business. This way he was able to create his own company which is oriented to promote business growth through networking.

My friend and I use the same principles and strategies to condition the right mental attitude which will ensure you will respond in a positive and constructive way to challenging situations. I have put together a group of simple and easy- to -apply ways to give human spirit the kind of workout it needs to turn people into resilient and determined entrepreneurs. I will be sharing some of these tools in this website, and also checking other people's article to learn from other "revolutionaries". :)

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