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Several years ago I found myself in a total state of despair. It felt like everything in my life was going wrong.  A low paid job, no friends and overweight. The worst part was that I had no idea of what to do to turn my life around.

This is when my interested in coaching began.  I wanted to be self-employed because I knew it was the only way to make the kind of income I wanted to live an incredible lifestyle. I realized though that the task ahead of me was enormous and impossible to fulfill all by myself so I started to look for the help of great men and women who were experts in areas like time management, internet marketing and coaching. 

These people had gathered enormous experience and tools and they helped me accelerate the pace to get the results I wanted. Working with them I also learned about their dedication to help others. I was also amazed by their power to transform other people’s lives and make a difference. Little by little the idea of becoming a coach got shape in my mind.

The benefits of having a coach are not limited to receiving knowledge and skills. A coach is someone who also motivates and gives support in the moments of weakness. Besides, they prevent you from losing focus in the middle of so many distractions by holding you accountable to take the actions you have committed yourself to.

Now as a coach I do the same thing. When I speak to other entrepreneurs about my secrets they usually agree that these are essential things to learn and do. However they also feel that they need extra help and guidance in order to apply these strategies in the most effective way. They agree that coaching offers a new perspective to their problems that help them find better solutions. They also appreciate how much it has accelerated the process of achieving their goals. 

 Even coaches have someone who coaches them, too! As I mentioned before I have worked with several coaches who have helped me with different aspects of my business activity like marketing, product development, etc. They are one of the reasons why I have kept working consistently on my goals without being frustrated or deviated from my main purpose.


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