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The most important key to overcoming procrastination is to develop a natural sense of urgency for everything you do at work. If you consistently apply self-programming and organizational principles like the ones recommended in my book, you will become aware of what you need to do to succeed in achieving your goals, and what tools can help you obtain leverage consistently.

However, you will still need to be creative and determined to work on any tendencies toward procrastination. Remember that no matter how aware we are of the importance of what we are doing, we humans are wired to avoid discomfort as much as possible and to seek pleasure. Use this knowledge to find ways to get around your natural tendencies, rather than just using your will power to try and stay focused.

Here are some useful ways to start or continue with a task that seems boring, unbearable.

Gather all the materials and tools you need before you begin.

Do one small thing to get started.

Get something done, even if it the conditions or results are not perfect.

Break down complicated tasks into smaller ones.

Complete the important steps first.

Complete the step that is stressing you the most.

Think about the positive consequences of completing the task and the negative results of not doing so.

Visualize getting the task completed.

Work at a fast pace to avoid getting bored.

Identify any negative triggers in your environment or in your mind, e.g. disorganized workspace, bad eating habits, posture, etc.

Exert a healthy amount of self-pressure. You can do this by setting goals to keep you motivated and to avoid wasting time during your day. At the same time, avoid spreading yourself so thin that you feel overwhelmed or frustrated for making too little progress. Through trial and error, you will find the best balance for you.

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